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With seven years experience as a professor (at graduate and undergraduate levels,) and countless papers at conferences, readings, presentations and talks all over the country, Mona is a seasoned orator. Topics and expertise include:

  • Multicultural identity - African-European

  • LGBT identity

  • Post-colonialism in former Belgian Congo

  • Healing from trauma

  • Breast cancer recovery

Spark & The Laws of Healing is the perfect performance for the college circuit and small-mid-size venues. It is a one-woman show and spoken word performance with music composed by talented composer Leo Crandall. Spark is a poignant musical odyssey centered on the theme of healing and finding a way back to a life rooted in wholeness. Spark is rare and intimate celebration of one-woman's transformative power over breast cancer. Sparks unusual approach to spoken word utilizes music, rhythmic narration, and movement.

As an Assistant Professor of Creative Writing and New Media for seven years, Mona has extensive teaching experience. She has led countless workshops and classes on topics including:

  • Memoir & Personal Narrative

  • Fiction - Short Story & the Novel

  • Writing your way to Healing

  • Breast Cancer Recovery & Writing

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